Building Tree House For Your Kids

Building a treehouse for the children is a great way to have fun together and maybe (God forbid) teaches the children some simple carpentry skills. We’ll talk about how to build a stage along with a railing. We will use tools that are used in most of the shops we own. To make thing easy, using tools from gereedschap online kopen is recommended.

Select the Strongest Tree

It shouldn’t be, but it should provide some height and shade, which is excellent. You are if you are lucky enough to use your tree. A children’s cottage should be about six feet above the ground or as high. Use pressure-treated wood to create a square platform base around the tree trunks. Since the tree can be damaged by drilling, you do not want to secure the platform. The drill bit will float using the limbs.

Choose Only Quality Wood


In most cases, additional leg supports will be needed to carry the platform load with the children in a satisfactory manner. A piece of wood is two inches for the floor beams or statements. I suggest using wood screws to build the floors, as the screws absorb movement and load from the bushing better than the claws. Since logs dictate where the floor joists can be placed, the floor is not as simple as framing in inches.

Use Framing Methods

Stair wood

The hangers can be attached to the floor. As soon as the floor has been built, the ladder is attached to it. However, the easiest way to make a ladder would be two or four, a single ladder or three and some bolts. Two are thrown to someone four by three to ten centimeters in the middle at the edges of the two. The cage protrudes three feet above the stage floor for safety.

Put in Some Parts

The ladder must be tied so that it doesn’t move. While the top moves with the trees, the cage must not be twisted. The handrails should be strong enough to prevent an unwanted 150-pound load from breaking the bar. Four inches of wood form the ceremonial posts. Install them on four toes and shape them, or attach them to the floor frame.

Make the Last Railing at 34 Inches

Depending on the weather of these children, the fence should not be more than two like an arch or a central rail, if you can detect one. A small house can be accommodated by a six by ten foot point. In contrast to the cut, the four create about 48 centimeters above the pointed section and can be two of the corner reinforcements of the house. A few frames and a few walls can provide a fortress, a place or a house that is great for hiding and playing. If you are also vulnerable, the budget allows it. A roof, some paint, a door or a doorway or a chair or two provide children with their tree habitat to perform.

These days it is imperative putting wood chips around the tree especially around the house or stairs in case of fall and slip.…

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